Arrhythmia Research Technology Inc. (HRT) - Earnings & Price History

HRT: Arrhythmia Research Technology Inc. - 4.1, $0.00M, 0.18 (0.00%)

Sector: Healthcare - Industry: Medical Appliances & Equipment

Arrhythmia Research Technology, Inc., through its subsidiary, Micron Products, Inc., operates as a contract manufacturing organization that produces medical device components requiring precision machining and injection molding in the United States, Asia, Europe, Canada, and internationally. It also manufactures components, devices, and equipment for military, law enforcement, automotive, and consumer product applications. The companys products include silver/silver chloride coated and conductive resin sensors used as consumable component parts in the manufacture of integrated disposable electrophysiological sensors. These disposable medical devices are used in monitoring electrical signals in various medical applications. It also offers orthopedic implant components; plastic injection molding services; and value added services, including the design, manufacture, and rehabilitation of inj

Past HRT reports
Earning DateTimeTitleEPS-e EPS-a ClosePrev CloseOpen Day LowDay High Gap % CFO %Change % Volume
2012-08-14Q2 2012 Arrhythmia R2.842.932.822.822.84-3.75%▲0.71%-3.07%5.00K
2012-05-17AMCQ1 2012 Arrhythmia R2.72.722.692.682.7-1.10%0.37%-0.74%4.10K
2012-04-26BMOQ4 2011 Arrhythmia R3.163.433.253.133.3-5.25%-2.77%-7.87%6.20K
2011-11-14BMOQ3 2011 Arrhythmia R3.443.553.553.43.55-3.10%-3.10%8.50K
2011-08-12Q2 2011 Arrhythmia R3.853.872.882.884.07-25.58%▲33.68%-0.52%9.90K
2011-05-11AMCQ1 2011 Arrhythmia R5.995.825.95.896.11.37%1.53%2.92%3.30K
2011-03-21AMCQ4 2010 Arrhythmia R5.685.65.615.65.680.18%1.25%1.43%800
2010-11-08AMCQ3 2010 Arrhythmia R6.025.7765.956.023.99%0.33%4.33%2.10K
2010-08-16AMCQ2 2010 Arrhythmia R4.864.454.554.554.862.25%▲6.81%9.21%1.90K
2010-05-03BMOQ1 2010 Arrhythmia R7.868.018.337.718.334.00%-5.64%-1.87%6.50K
2010-03-04AMCQ4 2009 Arrhythmia R6.9576.986.367.2-0.29%-0.43%-0.71%15.60K
2009-10-28AMCQ3 2009 Arrhythmia R4.
2009-07-30BMOQ2 2009 Arrhythmia R0.033.73.853.883.73.880.78%▲-4.64%-3.90%11.10K
2009-05-07BMOQ1 2009 Arrhythmia R0.032.642.752.722.552.77-1.09%-2.94%-4.00%11.90K
2009-03-23Q4 2008 Arrhythmia R2.172.292.342.172.392.18%-7.26%-5.24%4.70K
2008-11-14BMOQ3 2008 Arrhythmia R2.282.753.982.253.9844.73%-42.71%-17.09%17.60K
2008-08-06BMOQ2 2008 Arrhythmia R6.02665.956.020.33%0.33%7.20K
2008-05-15AMCQ1 2008 Arrhythmia R6.196.736.325.816.54-6.09%-2.06%-8.02%21.10K
2008-03-28BMOQ4 2007 Arrhythmia R7.

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